(Elvira Lundgren's video highlights the daily struggles
individuals endure in severe weather. Picture Credits: Instagram)

In a bold experiment, Swedish influencer Elvira Lundgren transformed her hair into an ice crown by dipping it in water during -30°C temperatures in northern Sweden. Unaware of the impending coldest January night in 25 years, her frozen hair video went viral, showcasing the challenges people face in severe weather. The clip, shared on Instagram, has garnered over 9.3 million views, leaving viewers astonished. Elvira noted, "Temperatures have reached -30°C, and I just had to do a little experiment."

In response to the video, one user questioned, "Didn't your mother warn you about going out with wet hair in such cold?" Another pondered, "What does it feel like standing in such low temperatures?" A playful comment remarked, "She went full Super Saiyan." Someone appreciated, "No need for hair gel. Legend." An individual expressed concern, "Minus 30 without a cap and warm clothes? Good luck to you."

"This is the lowest temperature we've experienced this winter, and the northern regions will remain quite cold," stated SVT meteorologist Nils Holmqvist to Euro News.

In northern Sweden, the village of Nikkaluokta experienced temperatures as low as -41.6 degrees Celsius, while in Kvikkjokk-Arrenjarka, it dropped to -43.6 degrees. These extreme cold conditions followed a warmer autumn across Europe, reported as the warmest year on record, indicating a significant impact of global warming and climate change. Authorities issued strict warnings as temperatures were expected to remain below -40 degrees throughout the week. In Denmark, police advised against unnecessary travel due to risky conditions caused by wind and snow. The severe weather led to school closures and disruptions in transportation services, with trains and ferry services temporarily suspended.

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