("Officers on-site lauded his brave actions, dubbing him a 'local hero'."
 Image via X @dronesWMP)

In Birmingham, a man is hailed a hero for rescuing a mother and child trapped in a submerged car. Liam Stych and partner Tia Draper, on a walk in Hall Green, spotted a sinking Fiat Punto in floodwater. Without hesitation, Stych entered the water, smashed a window, and rescued the child. He handed her to his partner, who filmed the incident on the bridge. Stych then saved the woman and secured the car to prevent it from being washed away. Officers praised his bravery, calling him a local hero.

Officers commended the brave act, branding him a "local hero." West Midlands Police Drones' official X handle shared an image of the car tethered to the bridge, stating, "In Hall Green, a local hero entered floodwaters, rescuing a 3-year-old and the driver, then securing the vehicle to prevent it from washing away."

He recounted, "The current took the car, hitting the bridge. She revealed, 'I've got a child in the car.' I climbed the bridge, rescued the baby. The car moved with every motion she made. I fetched a ratchet strap from my van, securing the car to the bridge, simultaneously rescuing the woman."

An eyewitness reported, "Stych just jumped in, broke the window, took the baby out. He got a rope from his car, tied up the car onto the railing, onto the bridge, and then he took the lady out, saving both of them."

In an interview with BBC, he characterized himself as a person with strong instincts but denied the label of a hero. Mr. Stych emphasized that if confronted with a similar situation, he would "do it again and again."

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