She also incurred lip injuries from biting into the rodent.

In a strange incident in China, an 18-year-old bitten by a mouse decided to retaliate by biting the rodent back. The surprising event occurred on December 21, 2023, in the teen's university dormitory. Instead of opting for conventional methods like a mouse trap, she took matters into her own hands, catching the mouse and biting its head in revenge. The mouse reportedly died from suffocation due to the girl's firm grip during the vengeful act, leaving two teeth marks.

Simultaneously, the teen suffered lip injuries from sinking her teeth into the rodent. Despite the bizarre retaliation, she assured on her Douyin account that she received prompt treatment and was in good health. However, her roommate mentioned the girl's regret over her actions and expressed shame for exposing her face during the treatment.

The peculiar incident, which left social media users astonished, highlights an unusual reaction to a common household encounter with a mouse.

According to the woman, the attending doctor expressed astonishment, admitting he had never encountered such a case before. ''It took the doctor some time to figure out how to document her case,'' she explained.

The woman's unconventional response became a source of surprise and amusement for mainland social media users. The incident sparked a flurry of jokes, with some users humorously inviting her to tackle their mouse issues at home.

''I hereby declare her the boldest daredevil of 2023," remarked one user. Another user playfully suggested, ''Would you like to guard our rice barns?''

The student's roommate issued a warning against mimicking such behavior, emphasizing the potential risk of contracting diseases.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rats and mice are carriers of various diseases. These illnesses can be transmitted to humans through direct contact with rodents, handling rodent feces (poop), urine, saliva, or bites. To prevent rodent infestations and minimize contact with rodents, it is advised to eliminate food sources, water, and items that offer shelter to these animals.

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