(Internet users were both shocked and captivated by the video.
 Image via Instgram: gio_masters)

Individuals with a penchant for adventure often go to great lengths to experience that adrenaline rush. In a jaw-dropping video, extreme sports enthusiast Gio Masters was recorded making a daring jump into a nuclear cooling tower, leaving internet users both shocked and fascinated. The footage begins with Masters standing on the tower's ledge, executing a fearless leap, and skillfully deploying his parachute just moments before touching the ground, showcasing an extraordinary display of bravery and thrill-seeking.

Check the incredible footage below:

Capturing his daring leap from various perspectives, Gio Masters shared another video showcasing the entire experience of jumping into a nuclear cooling tower. He described the adventure as "such a surreal experience," providing viewers with different angles of this extraordinary and unconventional feat.

The video sparked a mix of shock and fascination among internet users, prompting a flurry of questions and reactions. Some expressed thrill and awe at the daredevil experiment, while others raised concerns and curiosity. One user questioned the logistics, asking about the exit strategy and potential landing sites. Another marveled at the sound of the parachute opening, describing it as insane. Overall, the video was deemed a work of art by some, while others acknowledged the individual as the wildest of the generation, albeit inducing anxiety in onlookers.

A nuclear cooling tower, notably a crucial part of power plants, stands tall, reaching up to 200 meters. Recognizable for its inward curve, it cools water and releases heat into the atmosphere. The distinct shape is called a hyperboloid.

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