Rocco Mercurio accomplished the feat on May 15 in 
Villa San Giovanni, Italy. (Image Credits: Instagram)

Certainly, there are awe-inspiring world record feats that captivate people's attention. Conversely, a flip of the coin reveals numerous peculiar world records that can boggle the mind. From the longest fingernails to the most tattooed person, there exists a plethora of eccentric world records that may prompt questions about the agency endorsing such achievements.

Rocco Mercurio, an individual from Italy, is currently creating a buzz for his recent accomplishment—a strange yet impressive feat. This Italian man has broken the Guinness World Record (GWR) for stacking the highest number of poker chips and balancing them on a single finger. Rocco Mercurio didn't settle for just 10 or 20 chips; he managed to balance over 200 poker chips on his finger, earning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. This extraordinary world record attempt took place in Villa San Giovanni, Reggio Calabria, Italy, on May 15.

The now-viral video unfolds, featuring the individual meticulously stacking a total of 255 poker chips on a table, establishing one of the quirkiest world records. Following the stacking, he carefully places all the poker chips on his finger, maintaining the delicate balance for the required duration to secure a new world record. Undoubtedly, Rocco's innovative choice of using poker chips contributed to the success of this record-setting feat.

The official Instagram handle of Guinness World Records shared a video of the achievement on their feed, accompanied by a caption that reads, “Most poker chips balanced on one finger, 255 by Rocco Mercurio."

Watch the viral video below:

Since its sharing, the video has rapidly gone viral on the microblogging site Instagram. It has garnered over 530,000 views and more than 30,000 likes thus far. Social media users swiftly reacted to the record set by the Italian man. While some praised him for the accomplishment, many found amusement in the situation and made jokes about how seemingly easy it has become to secure a Guinness World Record these days.

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