(Image Credits: Instagram @sachkadwahai)

Certain songs have a unique ability to evoke strong emotions, prompting us to sing along regardless of the circumstances. Interestingly, dogs also share a connection with music, finding comfort in relaxing tunes during stressful moments. Some dogs even exhibit playful behavior, dancing or howling along to lively and upbeat songs. Many dogs readily respond to music, showcasing an immediate affinity for certain melodies.

Recent viral videos serve as compelling evidence that dogs can indeed have favorite songs. The remarkable reactions displayed by these canines upon hearing their preferred melodies are truly captivating, providing further insight into the special bond between dogs and music.

The video captures the dog's response to Arjit Singh's "Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage" from the movie Kabir Singh. Posted on the Instagram page Sach Kadwa Hai, the caption states, "The dog's reaction when hearing its favorite song, dil ka dariya."

The video starts with a dog peacefully asleep on the sofa. The moment the selected song starts playing on the TV, the dog instantly awakens and begins harmonizing with enthusiastic howls.

Since being posted, the video has received over three lakh likes and a multitude of comments from viewers.

One user commented, "His master probably cried a lot listening to it, so he sensed the pain and fear that his master would cry again."

Another user wrote, "Looking at his expressions, I think he wants to change the song."

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