(This incident happened in Indian State of Assam)

A video depicting a human-animal conflict on X (formerly Twitter) has sparked outrage once again. Shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan, the clip reveals a group of men attempting to intimidate an elephant using slippers. The incident unfolded in Assam, reigniting concerns about the interaction between humans and wildlife.

The footage portrays an elephant positioned on elevated terrain while a man below endeavors to scare the animal away with a slipper. Subsequently, more men join in the effort. However, as the video progresses, the tusker charges towards the group. The video concludes with the animal retreating.

"Identify the real animal here. Then these giants charge and we call them killers. Don't ever do this, it's life-threatening. Video is from Assam," Mr Kaswan said in the posted video.

Mr. Kaswan shared the clip on Thursday, and since then, it has garnered over 91,000 views and received more than 1,300 likes. The incident has sparked a debate online, with many expressing shock at the audacity of the men involved, while others highlighted the risks of provoking a wild elephant.

"Putting their lives in extreme danger," commented one user. "Book them...put them behind bars," suggested another. "Why are they teasing him," questioned a third X user. "What kind of initiatives are the forest departments across the country taking to educate the mass regarding this," inquired a fourth.

What are your thoughts upon the behaviour of these men? Is it justified? Or they were just trying to protect themselves? Comment down below

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