Matteo Mariotti after the shark attack. (Image via Instagram)

In a terrifying incident off the coast of Queensland, Australia, last week, 20-year-old Italian college student Matteo Mariotti was bitten by a shark while snorkeling. The unsettling moment was captured on his own camera. Mariotti, prompted by the need to bid farewell to his loved ones in case of a subsequent attack, started filming after feeling sudden and intense pain in his foot moments after entering the water. The harrowing encounter unfolded as Mariotti bravely confronted the unexpected threat beneath the waves.

"I initiated this video a few moments after the last bite. I intended to bid farewell. I never imagined I would survive that monstrous encounter," Matteo wrote alongside a video he shared on his Instagram feed on Monday, four days after the December 8 attack.

"I lost so much blood and part of my leg. I don't know if they're going to amputate it entirely or leave it halfway, but it doesn't matter now. You are my heroes; your texts and calls give me strength to carry on. My only dream is to see you again," he added.

The video shows Matteo being attacked by the creature while snorkeling near the shore. His clothes were torn, and the water around him began to turn red with blood.

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