Joe Hollins, a veteran associated with Jonathan for a long time, informed GWR that the mammal exhibits no indications of slowing down.

(Image credits: Guiness World Records)

On the island of St. Helena, a tortoise named Jonathan marked its 191st birthday. Although Jonathan's precise age remains uncertain, Guinness World Records stated that he was at least 50 years old when he was transported from the Seychelles to the island in 1882. Jonathan has surpassed the 150-year average life expectancy of his species.

"Despite losing his sense of smell and being nearly blind from cataracts, Jonathan maintains a keen appetite. A small, dedicated team continues to hand-feed him once a week with a nourishing mix of fruits and vegetables. This not only supplements his calories but also provides essential components for his metabolism, including vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. It's remarkable to consider that this gentle giant has outlived every other living creature on land, including, of course, the entire human race," Hollins told GWR.

GWR shared a post about Jonathan on Instagram, stating in the caption, "Oldest living land animal, Jonathan the tortoise is 191 years old."

This Instagram post shared just a few times ago, has already garnered over 400,000 views, 25,000 likes, and numerous comments. 

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