(Bui Thi Loi has been on a liquid diet for over 50 years)

In the year 1963, a significant turning point occurred in Loi's life. Engaged in the noble endeavor of aiding injured soldiers on a mountain, she faced an unfortunate accident — struck by lightning, rendering her unconscious. Upon regaining consciousness, a peculiar dietary shift ensued. Faced with an aversion to fruits, she primarily consumed sugary water provided by her concerned friends during her recovery.

How it is possible to survive without eating solids?

In 1970, Loi's dietary habits underwent a drastic transformation. Solely relying on water and soft drinks for sustenance, she developed an aversion to the mere smell of solid food. Despite cooking for her children during their upbringing, she refrained from tasting the meals. This unconventional diet led to challenges in feeding her kids, prompting her to borrow milk from others.

Now, with her children grown and moved out, Loi has nearly abandoned the kitchen. Her fridge is stocked with water and soft drinks, devoid of any food or fruits. Medical professionals suggest that Loi's liquid-based diet contributes to a healthy and energized body. Doctors from the Department of Nutrition at Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Hospital note that soft drinks can quickly replenish energy and maintain digestive health. However, they caution against potential harm, linking soft drink consumption to conditions like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and high blood pressure.

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