The bridegroom's family was provided with non-vegetarian 
meals arranged by the bride's family for the wedding 
celebration. (Image Credits:

A wedding between the bride's family from Nizamabad district and the groom's family from Jagtial district was called off after a situation resembling a scene from the recently released Telugu film 'Balagam.' In the film, a dispute over bone marrow in mutton between the groom and the bride's younger brother leads to the cancellation of the wedding. The engagement had taken place at the bride's residence recently.

The marriage was planned to be conducted traditionally and lavishly, with the bride's family arranging non-vegetarian meals for the groom's family and relatives. However, a dispute arose when guests noticed that bone marrow was not included in the non-vegetarian dish. The hosts explained that bone marrow was not added, sparking a quarrel between the two parties.

The matter escalated to the local police station, where officials attempted to mediate the bone marrow dispute. Despite their efforts, the groom's side insisted that the bride's family had insulted them by not including bone marrow in the non-vegetarian dishes.

The bride's family contended that they were not informed earlier about the expectation for bone marrow, leading to its absence in the meals. Ultimately, to the surprise of the police and local onlookers, the dispute resulted in the cancellation of the wedding. Subsequently, both parties returned to their respective places.

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