Keanu Reeves, renowned for the 'John Wick' series, faced a break-in at his Hollywood Hills residence. Masked burglars stole a firearm, according to New York Post. The Los Angeles Police Department received an anonymous call about a potential trespasser at the 'Matrix' star's property at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday. However, upon investigation, no one was found at the scene, as per law enforcement sources cited by TMZ.

Police returned approximately five hours later when an alarm sounded at 1:00 a.m. on Thursday. According to New York Post, during this incident, security cameras revealed several men in ski masks breaking a window and entering Keanu Reeves' home, valued at around $7 million. The suspects reportedly stole one firearm before making their escape, as per police statements.

Reeves was not present at the residence during the incident, according to sources.

Detectives are reviewing footage from the home's vicinity and neighboring security cameras. They are exploring the theory that the initial call on Wednesday night might have been made by someone surveying the house.

This marks the second instance of a break-in at Reeves' home; in 2014, he experienced two consecutive intrusions.

Reeves later woke up and engaged in conversation with the unidentified woman, who purportedly claimed she was there to meet him. Reeves promptly called 911. The following day, another woman reportedly entered his home through an unlocked door while he was away. Allegedly, she undressed, used his shower, and went skinny-dipping in his pool, prompting the cleaning crew to alert the police, according to TMZ.

Both women were apprehended and subjected to psychological evaluations. Earlier this year, Reeves and his partner, Alexandra Grant, secured a temporary restraining order against an individual asserting a familial connection to the actor.