(Shachihoko-ya restaurant, Japan)

In an innovative approach to attract customers, a Japanese restaurant named Shachihoko-ya in Nagoya has adopted an unconventional method. According to the New York Post, patrons willingly visit this establishment to receive a face slap before enjoying their meals, creating a peculiar yet attention-grabbing dining experience.

For a mere 300 Japanese Yen (Rs 170), kimono-clad waitresses deliver repeated slaps to a willing customer's face. Additionally, there's a 500 Japanese Yen (Rs 283) surcharge if the customer requests a specific staff member for the slapping service. This unique offering is embraced not only by international visitors but also by Japanese men and women alike.

The video surfaced on the Twitter account Bangkok Lad, accompanied by the caption, "This is Shachihokoya, a Nagoya restaurant offering a menu item called 'Nagoya Lady’s Slap' for 300 Yen." The footage showcases different instances of waitresses at the restaurant playfully slapping customers. Quickly gaining viral traction, the clip accumulated thousands of views, accompanied by amusing reactions and comments from online users.

As reported in the media, it has been revealed that the more vigorously the female staff at the restaurant slapped their customers, the more positively the customers responded. Rather than becoming upset, patrons felt a sense of relaxation and even expressed gratitude to the staff members delivering the slaps.

This distinctive service was initiated in 2012 and quickly gained popularity, attracting a significant number of customers eager to try the unconventional experience. Initially, only one female staff member performed the slapping duties. However, as the demand increased, the management hired additional staff to meet business needs.

Nevertheless, the restaurant's face-smacking service has been discontinued due to the unintended viral spread of peculiar service videos. In a recent tweet, the restaurant explicitly stated that they no longer provide slaps. The caption read, "Shachihoko-ya currently does not offer slaps. We appreciate the attention it has received today, but we cannot accommodate visits to receive slaps. We didn’t expect old videos to go viral like this, so please understand before coming."

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