Emergency services are reacting to notifications of a shark incident near Ethel 
Beach on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. Image: Google Maps.

A shark attack at a renowned tourism and surfing destination on South Australia's Yorke Peninsula has resulted in the tragic death of a teenage boy.

The South Australia Police received a report of a person sustaining "serious injuries" near Ethel Beach and promptly responded to the incident at 1:30 pm. Subsequently, the police confirmed the unfortunate death of the teenage victim in the shark attack. "Sadly, the body of a teenage boy was recovered from the water," stated the police.

Ethel Beach is situated within Dhilba Guuranda-Innes National Park, with the closest town being Marion Bay.

"It's an incredibly tragic incident," expressed Luke Sykora, a resident and surfer from Marion Bay.

"Over my 22 years here, I've encountered quite a few sharks, but this is the first fatal attack we've witnessed.

"I wouldn't want anyone to go through such an experience, to be on the same beach at the same time.

"I believe the entire town will be in mourning — it's profoundly sad and tragic, serving as a significant wake-up call."

The national park, located at the entrance to Spencer Gulf, attracts numerous tourists, anglers, and surfers. It is renowned for occasional strong currents and significant swells.

Marty Goody, a resident of Stansbury with decades of surfing experience in the area, approximated that, given the conditions, the victim might have been around "30 to 40 meters off the shore."

"It was a lovely day, with many people swimming and enjoying the beach. The surf was minimal, so they wouldn't have ventured too far from the shore," he remarked.

Mr. Goody, who noted that the victim had recently visited the area with family, expressed his worry about a noticeable rise in shark numbers.

"It's a tight-knit surfing community on the Yorke Peninsula, and everyone is acquainted with each other," he mentioned.

"I've been surfing here for 40 years, and there have always been sharks; you've always been aware of their presence. However, there does appear to be a notable increase in their numbers no

Ethel Beach derives its name from a ship that was wrecked at the
 location over a century ago, according to Yorke Peninsula Tourism.

Nadine Valente, co-owner of Reef Encounters Fishing Charters, observed roadblocks leading to Ethel Beach this afternoon.

"I witnessed an ambulance, police car, and rangers heading out there," she reported.

As a business owner in Marion Bay, she expressed shock upon hearing about a shark attack on the Yorke Peninsula.

"It really hits close to home when it happens in your backyard," she commented.

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