(Harry Kooros and Jake Loiterton achieved a Guinness World Record by visiting 
99 bars within a span of 24 hours. Photo credit: Guinness World Records.)

A pair of Australians, Harry Kooros and Jake Loiterton, set a new Guinness World Record by embarking on a pub crawl that led them to 99 different bars within a 24-hour timeframe. The 26-year-olds successfully visited 99 bars in Sydney, breaking the record for the most pubs visited in 24 hours.

Claiming the title from South African Heinrich de Villiers, who visited 78 pubs in 24 hours the previous year, the Australian duo, Harry Kooros and Jake Loiterton, faced various challenges during their pub crawl. They encountered resistance from some establishments that disallowed video recording, and Kooros experienced vomiting two hours into the attempt.

"Luckily, after reassessing our game plan, I managed to pull it together and continue," Kooros informed Guinness World Records.

Despite their initial aim of 100 pubs, the pair stopped at 99 due to a counting error.

Kooros noted that the most challenging aspect of the endeavor was the consumption of numerous beverages. He explained, "While we initially planned to have an alcoholic drink at every second pub and having nonalcoholic drinks at alternating pubs, we quickly changed this plan. With Sydney's strict intoxication laws, we realized we needed to keep from being too inebriated so that we were let into all the pubs."

The record attempt aimed to generate funds for MS Australia, a charity focused on multiple sclerosis research.

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