(The cafe was eventually closed within few months)

In Thailand, there was once an unusual cafe known as the Sweet Fishs Cafe, where patrons dined while sitting in ankle-deep water alongside numerous koi fish. A video of this cafe, which was named after the fish species it featured, has recently gained popularity on social media. Originally shared by Science Girl on X (formerly Twitter), the video displays a captivating sight of diverse decorative fish swimming gracefully on the water-covered cafe floor. The cafe had already attracted online attention a few years ago when a Reddit user first posted about it.

The video has again gone viral. Watch below:

The Sweet Fishs Cafe faced severe criticism from animal rights activists, leading to its closure just a few months after opening, reminiscent of the fate of Amix Coffee in Ho Chi Minh City.

Although the video does not specify the cafe's exact location, a straightforward Google search identified it as being situated in Khanom, Thailand.

The now-closed eatery's Facebook page boasts numerous photos showcasing the delightful aquatic atmosphere, with images of the fish and even a hotel staff member comfortably seated in one of the cafe's chairs within the ankle-deep water.

Upon its launch, cafe owner Yosaphol Jitmung revealed to a local news outlet that his inspiration came from Amix Coffee. His concept behind establishing the cafe was to provide customers with a unique opportunity to interact with the fish swimming beneath their feet.

Mr. Jitmung's dedication to maintaining a pristine environment in the cafe was evident as his team installed four large pool filtration systems operating around the clock. Additionally, they ensured the water was refreshed twice daily. Prior to granting customers entry to the cafe, a meticulous procedure was followed, guiding patrons through a disinfection area designed to cleanse their feet thoroughly.

Customers were kindly requested not to interact with the fish or disrupt their serene habitat. Koi, known for their vibrant colors, are often kept for ornamental reasons in outdoor ponds or water gardens. These fish tend to be quite comfortable around people and occasionally engage in the practice of gently nibbling on dead skin and other small particles.

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