(A lion that had escaped was successfully captured after roaming the streets
 of Ladispoli, located near Rome. Image via Zumapress)

Kimba, the lion, managed to escape from Rony Roller Circus in Ladispoli, situated about an hour outside Rome, creating a stir in the seaside town. A video shared on Instagram captured the lion roaming the streets at night and even standing guard in front of a resident's gate. The post mentioned, "Last night, a lion prowled the streets of Ladispoli, a town near Rome, for several hours after escaping from a local circus before being sedated and captured." Ladispoli Mayor Alessandro Grando urged residents to stay indoors while authorities and circus staff worked to safely retrieve Kimba. The lion's escapade lasted over five hours before he was captured around 10:30 p.m.

The recapture of the escaped lion, Kimba, involved a collaborative effort with local police, Italy's state police, the Carabinieri military police force, and assistance from the local community, as reported by NBC.

In the midst of the dramatic escapade involving Kimba, the lion from Rony Roller Circus, Rony Vassallo, the individual in charge of circus animals, expressed disbelief that Kimba's brief freedom posed a significant threat. Vassallo shared that Kimba interacted with people in an unfamiliar environment without displaying any aggressive behavior, emphasizing that the lion didn't show any instinct to attack. Despite the potential danger to Kimba, Vassallo was more concerned that someone might harm the animal out of fear or excessive enthusiasm.

Conflicting reports surround the circumstances of Kimba's escape. Ladispoli Mayor Alessandro Grando suggested the possibility of sabotage, noting that circus staff observed three individuals fleeing the area and discovered a broken lock. On the other hand, Vassallo refrained from commenting on sabotage allegations, deeming the incident "very strange" and emphasizing that such an occurrence had never happened before.

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