(The young boy looks pretty much relaxed)

A Pakistani YouTuber has sparked a mix of reactions on social media after sharing a video where a young boy is seen walking a pet tiger inside an opulent home. The video, posted by Nouman Hassan, quickly gained thousands of likes in just four days. While some viewers admire the boy's bravery, others are upset by the situation and what the child is asked to do.

Mr. Hassan frequently shares videos featuring his personal collection of animals, which includes tigers, snakes, and crocodiles.

While Mr. Hassan hasn't confirmed the relationship between the boy and himself, some social media users have suggested that the boy might be his nephew. The video prompted a variety of responses from Instagram users, with some questioning whether the tiger is a pet and others criticizing the video as "ridiculous." Prior to this, the YouTuber had shared a brief video of the same boy walking another tiger inside a car showroom.

Mr. Hassan's private collection also includes lions, which he acquired from an auction conducted by the Lahore Safari Zoo in August of the previous year. The zoo had decided to auction off a dozen lions and tigers to both free up space and reduce the expenses associated with feeding them.

Mr. Hassan had expressed that he purchased "two to three lions" during the auction, emphasizing that it was an opportunity to enhance the genetic diversity within private collections of big cats.

Animal welfare regulations in Pakistan are notably scarce, and zoos throughout the country are infamous for their subpar conditions. In April 2020, a court took the rare step of ordering the closure of the nation's capital's sole zoo due to its dismal facilities and mistreatment of animals.

Individuals like Mr. Hassan, who own these large cats, regularly share images and videos of them on social media. Furthermore, they rent these animals out for use in movies and photoshoots.

This practice has faced opposition from conservationists for years. Environmental organization WWF, for instance, has consistently advocated for either relocating these animals to reputable zoos or implementing measures such as sterilization or contraception for female big cats to control their population.

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