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Concerns for Wynonna Judd's well-being have surged in the wake of her performance at the 2023 Country Music Awards. The renowned country music artist graced the stage to perform alongside Jelly Roll during the 57th Annual CMA Awards on November 8. While her singing remained as impressive as ever, fans observed a noticeable difference. Wynonna, who is 59 years old, seemed unsteady on her feet as she navigated the stage. Ultimately, she leaned on Jelly Roll, who is 38, and clung tightly to his shoulder, suggesting she may have needed assistance to maintain her balance.

Shortly after their collaborative performance of Jelly Roll's "Need a Favor," an outpour of concern emerged on X (formerly Twitter). Many viewers expressed worry for Judd, as it became apparent that she was facing difficulties in maintaining her balance during the performance.

Concerned viewers shared their observations on social media. One individual highlighted, "She could barely walk, taking small steps." Another expressed, "Something is wrong with her. Hope she is okay!!"

A different comment read, "Something just wasn't right! I am very concerned." Meanwhile, someone described the performance as "seriously bizarre," noting that Judd "barely moved once she got a death grip on [Jelly Roll]."

Some fans speculated that Judd's unsteadiness on stage might be attributed to her ongoing battle with vertigo, a condition she has previously discussed.

"I think she is still struggling with vertigo. But not sure. Hope she is ok," one concerned user posted after her performance at the CMA Awards.

Another user offered a similar perspective, saying, "She suffers from vertigo, that's probably what it was. She wouldn't move her head or eyes. If you can imagine being on a non-stop spinning teacup ride, it makes sense."

Fans have not received any official confirmation about the cause of Judd's condition during her stage appearance. However, it's worth noting that she managed to complete her performance flawlessly without missing a single beat.

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