Iceland stands out as one of the most geologically active regions with a high level of 
volcanic activity on Earth.

Iceland has announced a state of emergency following a sequence of earthquakes that has sparked concerns about a potential volcanic eruption in the southwestern town of Grindavík.

In the past few weeks, numerous tremors have been registered around the nearby Fagradalsfjall volcano. As a precautionary measure, local authorities have issued evacuation orders for thousands of residents in the southwestern town of Grindavík, as reported by AFP on Saturday.

"The National police chief has declared a state of emergency for civil defense due to the intense earthquake activity at Sundhnjukagigar, north of Grindavik," stated the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management.

The Icelandic Met Office reported approximately 1,400 earthquakes in the 24-hour period between Wednesday and Thursday, followed by an additional 800 in the first 14 hours of Friday. Consequently, on Thursday, authorities closed the nearby Blue Lagoon landmark in response to heightened seismic activity.

                       (There are also threats of massive volcanic eruptions post the earthquakes)

The Icelandic Met Office (IMO) expressed concern that substantial amounts of magma, molten rock, are spreading underground and could emerge in the Grindavík area. Following this, Iceland's Civil Protection Agency made the decision to evacuate, prompted by the IMO's inability to rule out the possibility that a magma tunnel currently forming could reach Grindavík.

Iceland's Civil Protection Agency issued evacuation orders for the town of Grindavík, expressing concern about potential volcanic activity. While emphasizing it's not an emergency evacuation, authorities urged residents to remain calm, citing a good amount of time to react. The Icelandic Met Office noted the significant amount of magma involved exceeds observations from previous eruptions. With most roads closed, the evacuation is precautionary due to increased seismic activity, and Iceland, known for its volcanic activity, has experienced eruptions in recent years, including the emergence of the "world's newest baby volcano" in the Fagradalsfjall area in 2021.

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