(Kitten aimed to formalize her love for the colour pink (Picture: @KITTENKAYSERA/Instagram)

The institution of marriage has evolved significantly over time. It now encompasses unions between individuals and inanimate objects, from trees to train stations, or even a person marrying themselves. However, there's a unique marriage that hasn't been witnessed until now: a person marrying a color.

Meet Kitten Kay Sera, who might have just made history by officially marrying the colour pink, a relationship she has nurtured for four decades.

At 57 years old, Kitten Kay Sera, hailing from Houston, Texas, has earned the title of the 'pinkest person in the world.' She traces her love for the traditionally feminine shade back to her 20th birthday.

Kitten exchanged her vows using a copy of Vogue as her choice, rather
 than the traditional Bible. (Picture: @KITTENKAYSERA/Instagram)

Her journey into this affectionate relationship with pink began when she was picking an outfit for her party. She decided on an all-pink ensemble, including a pink top, pink fluffy skirt, pink shoes, and pink accessories. This choice marked the beginning of her enduring love affair with the color.

According to Kitten, wearing pink every day brings her an indescribable sense of joy. She proudly claims to have invested £1 million over the years to transform her wardrobe, car, and home into a vibrant and unapologetically pink paradise.

For Kitten, the next logical step was to formalize her affection for pink - by putting a ring on it.

Arriving in style, Kitten made her entrance in a pink Chevrolet, where she bestowed upon herself a pink ring. Unsurprisingly, she was adorned from head to toe in her beloved pink hue. Even the food and decorations adhered to the exclusively rosy theme.

The wedding was a sunny affair in Las Vegas, where Kitten's bridesmen donned pink suits and scattered pink petals along the ceremonial path.

The moment arrived for Kitten to stroll down the aisle. Her voluminous pink dress featured a short front with a flowing pink train at the back. She clutched a piece of cardboard displaying various shades of pink as she made her way to the end of the aisle. There, she hopped into her pink Cadillac and shared a symbolic kiss with the cardboard to seal their colorful union.

In a unique twist, Kitten also shared a first dance with the various shades of pink.

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