Beggar Walks into Jodhpur Mobile Showroom with Sack of Coins to Purchase
                                                       Apple's iPhone Pro Max (via Instagram)

A social experiment conducted in Jodhpur by the 'Experiment King' Instagram channel aimed to gauge the reactions of mobile store employees when a man dressed as a beggar attempted to purchase an iPhone 15 using a sack filled with coins.

Initially, the beggar faced refusal at several mobile stores due to his appearance. However, he eventually found a store that permitted him entry and agreed to accept the coins as payment. The beggar poured the coins onto the floor and handed them to the shopkeeper and staff, who proceeded to count them. After the counting, he successfully obtained an iPhone Pro Max.

Uploaded on October 5, the video has already amassed nearly 40 million views and received over four million likes. While numerous individuals lauded the video, some raised doubts about its authenticity, speculating whether it was staged.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it was just a prank and a fake video or you think it was genuine? Comment your thoughts below.