The Infamous Lithuanian Restaurant Scammer Who Feigns Heart Attacks to Skip Paying Bills

In Spain's Blanca region, the local police apprehended a 50-year-old man who had gained notoriety for indulging in extravagant meals at restaurants and resorting to simulating a heart attack to evade settling his bills, as reported by Daily Loud. His photograph has been shared among various restaurants in the area as a precaution. According to law enforcement, this con artist targeted over 20 different dining establishments. His charade came to an end last month when the staff at a hotel restaurant presented him with a bill totaling $37.

After the staff member departed, the man made an attempt to leave the premises. However, he was intercepted and reminded that he still had an outstanding bill to settle. In an attempt to evade payment, the scammer insisted he needed to retrieve the money from his hotel room. But the vigilant staff did not permit his departure. It was at this juncture that the man resorted to feigning a heart attack.

The restaurant's manager recounted the scene, stating, "It was a rather dramatic performance; he feigned unconsciousness and dramatically collapsed on the floor." The photograph of the man has been shared with other restaurants in an effort to prevent him from attempting a similar scheme in the future.

According to the Spanish news agency EFE, the man was dressed in long grey pants, a polo shirt, trekking shoes, and a vest from renowned brands.

The man requested the restaurant staff to summon an ambulance, but they declined and promptly alerted the police. Upon the police's arrival, they identified the individual as someone with previous incidents at various restaurants in Alicante and subsequently apprehended him. As per EFE, he had been residing in the city since November 2022.

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