(Octopuses typically cannot endure beyond 30 minutes without
 being under water.)

A recent video showing an octopus purportedly crushing a Range Rover in Qatar has taken the internet by storm. However, upon closer inspection, it has been revealed that the video is a product of computer-generated imagery (CGI). The video's creator confessed to its artificial nature, stating, "When you park like a jackass, a giant alien octopus comes and crushes your car." The video involved a combination of various techniques, including nested point deforms, simulated RBD (rigid body dynamics) effects, and extensive manipulation of vellum constraints to achieve the dramatic tentacle compression and the crushing of a soft body car that pivots and wobbles on four stationary wheels.

 He further states in the post- " Again, I didn’t use a single keyframe in the entire scene and kept everything procedural. I’ve learned a lot about sim checkpoints help avoid resimming the entire timeline just for a small change that needs to happen late in the sim.

Although some parts of the sim were challenging, the most time was spent on the compositing stage. I lost faith in AE for the past few years and did most of the stuff in Nuke, which is major change in my personal pipeline. AE started to remind me of Max with countless bloated plugins upon plugins that make the software crash because of incompatibilities when used together.

In conclusion, the video depicting an octopus crushing a car, which gained widespread attention, is not an actual event that occurred in Qatar but rather a creation of computer-generated artistry by Alex Z. In an era of advancing technology and artificial intelligence, the circulation of such viral videos hardly comes as a surprise. What are your thoughts on this amazing artistry? comment below.