(Image Credits: X/@ActualIndia)

A video capturing a group of farmers bringing a live crocodile to a HESCOM (Hubli Electricity Supply Company Ltd) office in Karnataka's Vijayapura district to protest against inconsistent power supply has gained significant attention on social media platforms.

The protesting farmers, who are residents of Ronihal village, were expressing their frustration over frequent power outages. According to HESCOM officials, the incident occurred at a substation in Kolhara taluk on October 20.
In the video, the farmers can be seen unloading a securely bound crocodile from a tractor and setting it free at the substation. Their demand was straightforward: they wanted consistent three-phase power supply to ensure adequate irrigation for their agricultural lands.

In recent weeks, the government has faced criticism from both Opposition parties and farmer organizations due to the inconsistent power supply in various regions of the state. The government attributes this disruption to diminished power generation from hydroelectric plants, a consequence of low water levels in the drought-affected state, compounded by a notable increase in power demand.

The Power Minister, K J George, revealed that the state witnessed a peak demand of 16,950 MW on August 25, a significant rise from the 11,268 MW recorded in August 2022. He attributed this situation to the monsoon's failure and stated that the deficient rainfall had led to heightened pump set loads for agricultural irrigation, subsequently driving up the total power demand.

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