The trick was demonstrated by Instagram content creator Casey Rieger.

At various points in our lives, we've all experienced that frustrating moment when the ketchup bottle appears to have some sauce left, but it just won't come out. Now, an Instagram content creator has come up with a clever solution to extract every last drop of sauce from the bottle using a straightforward technique.

Casey Rieger, an Instagram content creator, posted a video demonstrating her method. In the video, she takes the ketchup bottle and spins it rapidly in complete circles. This spinning motion generates enough force to collect all the sauce near the bottle's lid, making it much easier to squeeze out.

Rieger's video has garnered hundreds of likes and comments. One Instagram user shared their experience, saying, "I tried it, but the bottle cap came off. Now there's a ketchup masterpiece on my walls and ceiling, and my wife is giving me quite the look. Currently typing this from a shelter home."

                          A post shared by Casey Rieger (@caseyrieger15)

Another individual humorously commented, "So, I gave this a shot and ended up waking up 20 minutes later on the floor after passing out, with a shoulder that ached like there's no tomorrow. But hey, my fries had ketchup, so I guess it was worth it... the ambulance is here, so all's good!" A different user shared a nostalgic memory, saying, "I used to do that as a kid. Then, once, the cap opened mid-swing. Never again."

However, not everyone was convinced by this trick. Offering an alternative approach, an Instagram user advised, "Just keep the bottle upside-down, and you won't have to go through all that trouble. No stress, just ketchup!"

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