A distressed farmer urgently hailed him for assistance in halting the wandering cattle on the road.
(The video has garnered close to 13 million views) 

Cyclist Andrew O'Connor experienced an unusual encounter while riding through the mountains of Northern England. During a break to enjoy a snack, he spotted a herd of cows approaching. A concerned farmer urgently called out to him for assistance in halting the wandering cattle.

What did Mr. O'Connor do next? He bravely positioned himself in front of the cows, raised his hands, and shouted "stop." Astonishingly, the cows obeyed his command, allowing the farmer to regain control of the situation before they could proceed any further.

Mr. O'Connor shared this remarkable incident on Instagram with the caption, "The most peculiar occurrence during one of my bike rides - involving a herd of runaway cows."

The video, posted on Instagram, has garnered a staggering 13 million views, accompanied by an impressive 1.5 million likes and numerous comments.

One user playfully remarked, "Those are some polite cows - they're like, 'Oh, okay.'"

Another user noted with amusement, "I love how casually the farmer says, 'Stop them!'"

A third user commended Mr. O'Connor's swift response, saying, "I appreciate how you asked what to do and immediately followed instructions. You're a helpful individual."

The fourth user humorously added, "I'd be recounting this story endlessly - 'I halted an entire herd of cows with my bare hands'."