Tommy, a 13-year-old purebred Brown Swiss steer/bullock owned by Cheshire farmer Fred Balawender, has clinched a Guinness World Record as the tallest living steer. Tommy stands tall at an impressive height of 6 feet and 1 inch, solidifying his status as one of the largest dairy breeds.

Tommy, the towering Brown Swiss steer, has been a cherished member of the Balawender family since he was just a day old. His remarkable growth over the years has astounded everyone who knows him. According to Laurie Cuevas, Fred Balawender's daughter, there's something truly special about Tommy. He shares a unique connection with her father, who considers Tommy not just a pet but a beloved friend.

Tommy's name itself carries sentimental value. He was christened after Tom Brady, the legendary quarterback who once led the New England Patriots, a team close to their hearts. The name seems to have brought him good luck, as he now holds the Guinness World Record for being the tallest living steer.

Despite his towering stature, Tommy is more than just a record-breaking steer; he's a symbol of the bond between a man and his animal companion. He'll continue to live out his days in comfort and contentment, a testament to the love and care he receives from the Balawender family.

Cuevas revealed that Tommy's weight remains a mystery even to their family. He has grown so immense that he simply cannot be transported to a large enough scale for an accurate weigh-in. It's a testament to his colossal size and the unique challenges that come with caring for a steer of his stature.