(Images: Moment/Christopher Lane via Getty Images)

A party-loving three-legged bear, affectionately nicknamed "Tripod," decided to partake in Labor Day weekend celebrations by helping itself to some White Claws from a family's outdoor fridge in Lake Mary, a city north of Orlando, Florida.

The amusing incident was captured on video as Tripod casually strolled across the screened-in patio. Inside the house, 13-year-old Joseph Diglio was watching TV when their family dog, Bruno, went into a frenzy of barking.

In the video he recorded on his cellphone, the amazed teenager can be heard exclaiming, "This is, like, a once-in-a-lifetime experience..."

“There's an actual bear on our patio... Oh my God, I've never been this near to a bear.”

Tripod moved cautiously across the lanai, investigating for any food the Diglio family might have left out.

He eventually found some fish food the Diglios had placed next to their fish tank before making his way to the bar.

"He just opened the door!" Diglio exclaimed with excitement.

"He's about to grab the beer. There's no food in there, buddy."

But Tripod appeared content with the beverage options at the Diglio residence.

"He grabbed three White Claws, drank them, and left quite content. His favorite flavors are mango and strawberry," Joseph's mother, Josaury Faneite-Diglio, shared with the media.

In the end, Tripod was spooked by Bruno's incessant barking and departed the same way he entered—through a tear he made in the family's screen.

Joseph mentioned that this is the second time a bear has pulled this stunt.

"It's just a part of life where we live, honestly," he remarked.

Faneite-Diglio pointed out that Tripod is a beloved resident of their Seminole County neighborhood.

"I wasn't frightened because we're quite familiar with the bear. He resides here, and we do our best to respect their natural habitat."