Featured Photo Credits: Twitter/Dr. Longissimus. Mike Powles/Getty Images

If you've ever had an X-ray before, you'll know that remaining completely still during the procedure is crucial for obtaining accurate images. However, achieving this level of stillness can be challenging, especially for children and animals.

While most kids can understand and follow the instruction to "stay still," many animals, including pets, may struggle to comprehend what's happening.

To address this challenge, veterinarians and animal experts have developed creative methods to ensure they can perform X-rays on animals effectively, ensuring that the resulting images are clear and precise.

A photograph of a hedgehog undergoing an X-ray procedure has recently gained significant attention on the internet, and its popularity is entirely justified.

A radiologist, going by his X (Formerly Twitter) name Dr. Longissimus, shared this image with the caption: "In case anyone wondered what a hedgehog getting an X-ray looked like."

The picture shows the hedgehog lying on its back with its limbs gently secured to the table to prevent any movement during the X-ray.

The reactions on social media were a mix of amusement and concern. Some found humor in the situation, while others expressed empathy for the hedgehog's well-being.

One user said, "Poor little guy. Hope he’s ok," while another expressed gratitude, saying, "Needed this today, thank you."

The image also found its way to Reddit, where an individual with veterinary experience shared insights into the process. They mentioned posters in their radiology department that guide how to position different animals for X-rays, sometimes with amusing illustrations. For instance, there's one on how to X-ray a fish, which depicts a cartoon fish in a baggie (like the kind you bring home from a pet store) placed on the table.

So, if you've ever wondered how veterinarians manage to X-ray animals, here's one example of their creative solutions.