Google Flights has introduced a new feature that offers travelers insights into the best timing for purchasing flight tickets.

Exciting news for travelers! Google Flights has introduced a new feature aimed at helping you save on airfare this holiday season. The tech giant announced this feature in a blog post on Monday. It provides travelers with recommendations on the most cost-effective times to book flight tickets.

"In searches with dependable trend data, you'll now be able to identify when prices have historically been at their lowest for booking your selected dates and destination," Google stated in the blog post.

How does the Google Flights feature function?

These new insights might inform you that the most budget-friendly time to book similar trips typically falls around two months before the departure date, and currently, you're within that optimal window. Alternatively, the traveler could learn that prices have traditionally decreased as the departure date approaches, allowing them to make an informed decision about whether to wait before booking, as stated in the blog post.

The feature highlights that price tracking can handle much of the work for travelers who prefer to hold off for better fare prices. Once you activate price tracking, you'll receive automatic notifications if there are significant drops in flight prices.

"You can configure tracking for specific dates, such as your best friend's destination wedding in February. Alternatively, if you have more flexibility, you can opt for 'Any dates' price tracking to receive email alerts about deals occurring anytime within the next three to six months. To activate this feature, ensure that you're logged into your Google account," it explained.

Google suggests that the optimal period for booking Christmas flights is typically in early October. According to their data, average prices tend to be at their lowest 71 days before departure. This is a significant shift from their 2022 findings, which indicated that average prices hit their lowest point just 22 days before departure. The new typical low price range is now considered to be between 54 and 78 days before the scheduled takeoff.

In certain flight search results, you may come across a vibrant price guarantee badge. This badge signifies our strong confidence that the current fare you're viewing won't decrease further before your departure date. When you book one of these flights, we'll continuously track the price daily leading up to your departure. If the price does indeed drop, we'll refund you the difference via Google Pay," as mentioned in the blog post.