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Last year, a remarkable tale unfolded when a pilot disappeared in the Amazon rainforest after his plane collided with trees. Otavio Augusto Munhoz da Silva remarkably survived a grueling 13 days stranded alone. However, tragically, he has now met his demise in a second plane crash in the Amazon.

This unfortunate incident occurred on Monday, August 28, near the Venezuelan border. Authorities disclosed that the 38-year-old pilot crashed in the city of Pacaraima within a wooded area. Munhoz da Silva, a private pilot, encountered the accident in Mucajaí, Roraima, in northern Brazil.

According to G1, his sister reported him missing on Friday, September 1. After an extensive search operation was initiated, Jam Press reports that his lifeless body was discovered on the very same day authorities were notified.

Munhoz da Silva was a private pilot. (Credit: Jam Press)

According to Alexandre Munhoz, the cousin of the pilot, the man's body remained submerged underwater for a harrowing five-day period before it was discovered lifeless.

Furthermore, reports indicate that his mother is currently grappling with immense suffering as she tries to cope with the unexpected loss of her son.

Munhoz da Silva, a private pilot, was known for his extensive work in the field of air taxi services, primarily transporting passengers in the Boa Vista region.

This heartbreaking incident occurred just one year after he experienced a plane crash in September 2022.

According to CNN Brazil, Munhoz da Silva was at the controls of a private jet when the aircraft experienced overheating issues, resulting in the engine's failure.

In a desperate bid to land the plane safely, Munhoz da Silva aimed for a nearby river but ended up entangled in the branches of a tree canopy.

Afterward, the pilot endured a grueling 13-day journey through the thick forest before eventually being located.

As his harrowing ordeal neared its breaking point, Munhoz da Silva's luck took a turn when he stumbled upon a jungle river. He decided to follow its course, and on September 27th, his fortune changed when a passing vessel spotted him.

Remarkably, his aircraft was located just two days later.

During this trying time, Munhoz da Silva's mother maintained her unwavering confidence in her son's ability to endure, stating, "I knew he would persevere because he always carried a bag with medicine and food. Prayers sustained my son, and I can't even count how many people prayed for him. I'm relieved and very happy with this news."

After recovering from the crash, Munhoz da Silva bravely returned to the skies to continue his work, which tragically led to his eventual demise.

The pilot is scheduled to be laid to rest in his hometown of Londrina, Paran√°.

In response to this year's fatal incident, the Civil Police have initiated an investigation.