(Image credits: @Llama Adeventurers)

An unexpected guest garnered significant attention at a recent wedding, where photographer Cathy Craft was tasked with capturing the special moments of a couple who had known each other for 16 years. However, in the midst of the gathering at the Maison Albion venue in Albion, New York, an unusual attendee stood out—a llama.

Sporting a dapper tuxedo, this llama, affectionately named "J," swiftly became the centre of attention at the wedding. The photographs featuring J have since gone viral, captivating viewers far and wide.

Photographer Cathy Craft, the creative mind behind @thecraftedcreative, shared her perspective with Newsweek, saying, "Initially, I thought it was a groomsman dressed as a llama, but when it turned around, I realized it was the other way around. I've witnessed couples involving their dogs in weddings, but this was an entirely new experience," she remarked.

Craft continued, "The bride was overjoyed, and the guests had a blast as they waited for the ceremony to commence. It brought smiles to everyone's faces."

(Image Credits: @Llama Adventurers)

The llama at the wedding was provided by Llama Adventures, a branch of Buffalo Creek Llamas located in New York State. Buffalo Creek Llamas is engaged in various llama-related activities, including sales, breeding, training, boarding, and the production of yarn and fiber products. They also organize the annual WNY Llamafest in Western New York.

To share the joy of llamas with the public, the company launched Llama Adventures, offering opportunities for people to book hikes or farm visits with these charming animals. Additionally, they offer llama rentals for various occasions, including parades, school events, birthday parties, Christmas photos, business promotions, and weddings, with prices starting at $150 per hour.

                                                     (Image Credits: @Llama Adventurers)

Cathy Craft expressed her initial surprise, saying, "It was a shock at first, but seeing the joy in the bride's face and hearing their back story made it all make sense."

The delightful pictures from the wedding day were shared by the Llama Adventures team on their Facebook page. The post quickly gained popularity, amassing over 5,600 reactions and being shared more than 19,000 times, spreading llama happiness far and wide.

The comments section was filled with reactions to the llama guest. Facebook users expressed their amusement with comments like, "This is hilarious! Love it!" and "I couldn't imagine a more perfect guest at my wedding."

Others were equally thrilled, with one comment exclaiming, "This made my whole life," and another praising the idea as "Pure genius."

Another Facebook user summed it up with enthusiasm, saying, "This is heckin' adorable and so cool!!!"