The son of the café proprietor said clients had asked the eatery staff "to put beds" since they felt tired subsequent to having the dish known for prompting rest.

Have you at any point been proposed to rest at a café in the wake of having a luxurious feast? Indeed, you heard that right. A café in Jordan is offering its clients a potential chance to sleep after they eat the country's public dish called Mansaf, detailed the Bedouin News. The eatery Moab situated in Jordan's capital city Amman is offering coffee shops an opportunity to rest in comfortable beds in cooled rooms.

Mansaf, know for prompting rest is a customary Levantine dish made of sheep cooked in a sauce of matured dried yogurt and presented with rice.

"The plan to place beds in the café began as a joke and enhancement to mirror the drowsiness Mansaf eaters experience after they have the high-fat feast," Musab Mubeideen, child of the eatery's proprietor, told Middle Easterner News.

He said clients had asked the café staff "to put beds" since they felt lethargic in the wake of having the rich dish.

"So we brought beds and set them up in a different segment in the eatery. Clients presently truly use them for a fast rest after they have Mansaf," Mr Mobeideen added.