Russia's Luna-25 spacecraft reportedly collided with the moon, as stated by Roskosmos, the country's space corporation, according to Germany's DW News.

Russia's Luna-25 spacecraft has encountered a crash while attempting to land on the moon, as reported by Germany's DW News, citing Russia's space corporation, Roskosmos. The unmanned robot lander reportedly veered into an uncontrollable orbit and subsequently collided with the lunar surface. "The spacecraft entered an unforeseen trajectory and was destroyed upon impact with the moon's surface," revealed Roskosmos in a statement quoted by Reuters.

This incident followed an "anomalous situation" that unfolded on Saturday during a maneuver as Luna-25 was preparing to transition into its pre-landing orbit, according to Roskosmos. The craft had been slated to touch down on the moon's south pole on Monday. Roskosmos acknowledged the issue, stating, "A technical anomaly occurred aboard the autonomous station, preventing the maneuver from being executed as planned." The situation is under analysis by experts.

Earlier, Roskosmos had indicated receipt of preliminary results from the Luna-25 mission, which were undergoing assessment. The agency also released images taken by the spacecraft, showcasing the moon's Zeeman crater. This crater, with a diameter of 190 km (118 miles) and a depth of eight km (five miles), ranks as the moon's third deepest within its southern hemisphere, according to Reuters.

The Luna 25 spacecraft, which was launched using the Soyuz-2 Fregat launch vehicle from Russia's Vostochny Cosmodrome on August 10, 2023, marked Russia's first lunar exploration endeavor since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. The preceding Soviet lunar mission, Luna 24, had been launched in 1976. This recent mission aimed to revive Russia's modern lunar exploration efforts.