Despite eliciting distress in young children, resulting in tears or visible unhappiness, videos under the #eggprank hashtag on TikTok have collectively amassed over 670 million views.

Medical professionals have raised concerns about the recent TikTok trend where parents crack eggs on their young children's heads. The videos, often associated with the hashtag #eggprank, typically feature parents and children in kitchen settings. In these videos, parents pretend to crack a raw egg on the child's head before actually pouring it into a pan or bowl bypassing the expected cooking process.The viral trend continues to spread, even though it has caused certain children to cry or appear distressed and shocked. In some cases, the children even retaliate by throwing an egg back at the parent.

As of Tuesday, videos tagged with the hashtag had garnered over 670 million views, as reported by NBC, with a few of them accumulating up to six million views individually.

Nonetheless, medical professionals have issued warnings regarding potential repercussions of the prank, including the risk of head bruising or the transmission of germs.

Dr. Meghan Martin, a pediatric emergency medical consultant at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in Florida and a TikTok influencer with 1.3 million followers, expressed her disapproval of the trend, stating, "I was strongly against this. This practice holds no benefit for children and, frankly, I don't find it amusing. Essentially, we're subjecting them to the potential of salmonella by cracking eggs on their foreheads."

She further added, "Encouraging a toddler to consume fluids becomes challenging when they're dealing with a stomach ailment or food poisoning. Consequently, there's a higher likelihood of them requiring hospitalization for intravenous fluids."