Osaka's restaurant Sushi Kirimon claims Guinness World Record for an extravagant sushi dish costing JP¥350,000

Sushi Kirimon, a café settled in Osaka, has stood out as truly newsworthy by making the planet's most lavish sushi platter. The record-breaking dish, known as "Kiwami Omakase," highlights a troupe of flavors and surfaces that has charmed food devotees, joined by a significant sticker price of JP¥350,000, roughly 2,500$

The "Kiwami Omakase" experience is a creative mix of Japanese practices and handpicked fixings obtained from different corners of the country. This liberal excursion comprises of 20 high quality sushi pieces. Coffee shops can enjoy the fragile combination of meagerly cut crude fish, or nigiri, on prepared rice, alongside alluring sashimi and two handily rolled maki.