In a surprising turn of events, Chickie, a 1½-year-old Golden Retriever hailing from Boston, managed to chew up her owner Donato Frattaroli's passport merely two weeks before he and his bride-to-be Magda Mazri were set to embark on their destination wedding in Italy. (Photo courtesy: Donato Frattaroli)

Anticipating around 100 attendees, the couple is preparing for their scenic resort wedding, with guests flying in from the United States, Australia, and Morocco—where the bride's family resides—alongside Frattaroli's Italian relatives.Curiously, it seems that 1½-year-old Chickie harbored some disappointment at not being included in the guest list.

"She's too adorable to hold a grudge against," Frattaroli commented. "She's been nothing but well-behaved since joining our family—until this incident occurred."

The couple finds themselves in a whirlwind, attempting to salvage their wedding plans while navigating the complexities of federal bureaucracy.

In a hopeful plea, the newlyweds are seeking both a miracle and the assistance of their elected representatives in Washington, D.C.They have contacted the offices of both Sen. Ed Markey and Rep. Stephen Lynch in their quest for support.