The presence of the reptile led to the artwork being skewed away from the wall.

While snakes are often considered some of the most fearsome reptiles on Earth, their remarkable and captivating capabilities can make them truly intriguing creatures. Their adeptness at camouflage and their skill in bewildering predators with their tactics are particularly noteworthy. A recent incident in an Australian household underscored this as residents were surprised to discover a snake concealed behind a hanging photo frame in their living room.

In a hair-raising video posted by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, a carpet python can be observed stealthily maneuvering behind the photo frame.

Snake rescuer Dan Rumsey explained that the presence of the reptile was responsible for the artwork being skewed away from the wall.

Witnessing the snake's removal, the occupants of the house let out gasps of surprise. "Alright, so, behind the artwork - oh, there it is. It appears to have chosen this path," Mr. Rumsey remarks. With a gentle tilt of the frame, the snake's head becomes visible behind it. "Maybe a little nudge will coax it out, though I'm being cautious to prevent the painting from falling," the rescuer continues. Balancing the frame on the back of the couch, he gradually lowers it to the floor. Meanwhile, the reptile coils itself around the picture. Within moments, the snake catcher seizes the snake and exclaims, "There we go. This certainly simplifies things for me."

The carpet python, a non-venomous snake species, is native to regions including Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea. While lacking fangs, they possess multiple sharp recurved teeth specifically adapted for gripping onto prey. This information comes from the Snake Catchers website.