It is suspected that a fish related to piranhas was unlawfully introduced into the Oklahoma pond.

Charlie Clinton, an 11-year-old from Edmond, Oklahoma, achieved an uncommon feat by catching a non-indigenous fish species in his home state.

In a remarkable incident reported on July 16, Charlie reeled in a Pacu, an exotic invasive fish with connections to the carnivorous piranha. This freshwater fish hails from South America and is typically found in the Amazon. Janna Clinton, Charlie's mother, shared the news on her Facebook page.

Charlie Clinton snagged the exotic fish from a pond situated behind his family's residence, a favored fishing spot whenever he's in Oklahoma, as he informed Fox News Digital.

Upon encountering his catch, the young Oklahoman expressed his astonishment at the sight.

Initially, Charlie Clinton believed he had caught a massive sunfish, only to swiftly realize its teeth set it apart. "I began calling for my mom to witness the fish," he recounted.

Displaying its robust jaw, the Pacu offered "quite a resistance," Charlie Clinton commented, recalling his encounter. He eventually released the invader back into the local pond.While capturing the fish in a "catch and release pond," Charlie wasn't aware of its species or the necessity to remove it from the area.As far as the family is aware, no one else has managed to capture the South American fish since Charlie initially caught it. Eager to reenact his feat, Charlie hopes to be the one to reel it in again.