A local eatery in Taiwan has captured the online spotlight as a video featuring an unconventional culinary creation by their chefs goes viral across social media platforms. The dish's uniqueness primarily revolves around a distinctive ingredient that has piqued the interest of netizens. As reported by Taiwan News, a restaurant situated in Douliu City, Yunlin County, has introduced a striking ramen offering titled "Godzilla" ramen. This dish is distinguished by its topping—a crocodile leg that undergoes preparation through steaming or braising.

Operating under the name Nu Wu Mao Kuei, the Taiwanese restaurant has taken to its Facebook page to showcase multiple videos spotlighting their novel creation, the "Godzilla" ramen. Within one of these posts, the establishment announces the availability of the dish via pre-orders, while also emphasizing that an array of alternative ramen soups caters to those who may opt out of the crocodile leg experience.

Comprising eggs, bamboo shoots, baby corn, and the notable addition of a crocodile leg, the "Godzilla" ramen dish is further enhanced by a soup infused with a medley of over 40 distinct spices. As indicated by the news source, this extraordinary culinary creation commands a price of 1,500 New Taiwan dollars, equivalent to approximately $48, for each serving.

According to reports, the restaurant's proprietor gained insight into crafting this fiery "witch soup" while on a journey to Thailand.