After allegedly colliding with a culvert, the car became lodged in a room on the second floor of the residence, according to Junction Fire.

On Sunday afternoon, a driver sustained injuries after a car crashed into the second floor of a Pennsylvania home, as reported by officials on Monday.

The Junction Fire Company, swiftly responding to the unusual incident, shared that the crash occurred at approximately 3:15 p.m. within the 800 block of Alfarta Road in Decatur Township.

Upon arrival, firefighters encountered the driver's side of the vehicle embedded into a room on the second floor, as shown in images on FOX 43. Notably, photographs depicted the passenger's side of the car resting on the roof, while the trunk and rear tires hung over the dwelling.

While immediate details on how the vehicle ended up on the second floor weren't provided by Junction Fire officials, it was later revealed that the driver had struck a culvert. This collision potentially led to the loss of control over the vehicle.

The driver of the car was taken to Geisinger Lewistown for medical treatment in an undisclosed condition. In anticipation of an approaching storm, rescue teams assisted in securing the affected section of the house.

"The Rescue crew provided stabilization for the residence and aided the homeowners in placing a tarp over the opening, considering the impending storms," stated the Junction Fire Company. They highlighted the cooperation of the police and Parsons Towing in this endeavor.