Embarking on the pursuit of our aspirations offers a distinct and gratifying level of contentment, often prompting us to heed our passions. A woman residing in Italy exemplified this principle by taking a decisive step. She left her position as an English teacher and embraced the role of a professional mermaid, according to a report by the UK's Metro newspaper.

Moss Green, 33, originally from Torquay, Devon, relocated to Sicily in 2016 to teach English. It was during her time there that the notion of transitioning into a mermaid took shape, sparked by an encounter with an individual dressed as a "magical merman" emerging from the sea on a local beach.In an interview with Metro, Moss recounted her initial experience as a mermaid as both "thrilling and exhilarating.

"She expressed that the practice, involving swimming while donning a mermaid tail, fostered a stronger connection with nature and the ocean."One day, out of nowhere, I witnessed the emergence of this enchanting merman from the water. As he dived back in, what surfaced wasn't legs, but a tail. The sight, especially on that secluded beach, was truly enchanting. In that moment, it dawned on me that mermaiding was the fresh hobby I desired—distinctive and something I could undertake solo," Green elaborated.Treating it as a hobby initially, Green eventually pursued formal training, eventually receiving a job offer on the nearby island of Lampedusa, a development that came about through an interaction on Instagram.

Although her income as a mermaid is lower compared to her previous teaching position, Green insists she has never been happier and holds no regrets regarding her career transition."It's sufficient to sustain my livelihood, and I'm immersed in something I hold a deep passion for. Presently, that's what holds significance. The future remains uncertain, but for now, I'm establishing my presence in the realm of mermaiding. It's an artistic expression, and I'm well aware that initial earnings might not be substantial," she added