The teenager allegedly devised a plot to murder her mother in response to Milosskaya's demand for her                         boyfriend, who was residing with the family, to vacate the residence.

In Russia, law enforcement has apprehended a 14-year-old girl who stands accused of orchestrating a plan to engage hitmen for the purpose of killing her own mother. This dire course of action was allegedly triggered when her mother insisted that she end her romantic relationship with her boyfriend, as conveyed by Metro.

The lifeless body of Anastasia Milosskaya, the 38-year-old mother, was discovered wrapped in plastic and abandoned in a dumpster near Moscow. She had been subjected to physical assault and strangulation. The police have detained both the teenage girl and her 15-year-old boyfriend on suspicion of enlisting the services of two other teenagers to execute the murder. The reported compensation for this ghastly act was a mere 350,000 rubles (equivalent to Rs 3,72,156).

Reportedly, the teenager conceived the sinister plot to eliminate her mother subsequent to Milosskaya's directive for her boyfriend, who cohabited with the family, to depart. This decision was driven by her belief that he exerted a negative influence on her daughter.

Subsequent to Milosskaya's tragic demise, it is purported that the suspected contract killers left her body within the residence, only to return after two days for the purpose of disposing it in a skip, where it was ultimately discovered, as per Metro's report. An eyewitness recounted, "Her face was visibly red and swollen, indicative of both beatings and strangulation.

"The individuals implicated in the case, all below the age of 17, have purportedly been formally charged with both murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Pending further investigation, they are to be held in a juvenile facility. Should they be proven guilty under the law, they could face a maximum sentence of 10 years, initially served in a youth correctional colony.

According to the investigative authorities, the young girl and her boyfriend purportedly devised a plan to subsist off her mother's savings, which amounted to around £30,000.

Quoting a friend of the girl, Metro conveyed, "She frequently expressed hatred for her mother, despite her mother's kind-hearted nature and love towards her."